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Our 34th Year in Business
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Equipment Solutions

Perky’s Equipment Solutions are designed around the specific needs of each location.

  1. We don’t want to sell you stuff you don’t need, but we also don’t want your location to be doomed to low productivity because you didn’t plan your equipment needs correctly.
  2. Our Equipment Options work best with our Kitchen Integrations Package, but whatever your Equipment needs are, we can quote everything from Ovens, to Make Stations to Counters and everything in between.
  3. We source equipment that we know works well with our proprietary food products. If you have existing equipment assets already in the location we can often utilize those as well.

Perky’s Equipment Packages Focus On:

  • Compact Equipment Set Up – We are experts in the “Business Inside Another Business” model
  • Designed to Fit the Needs of the Specific Location
  • Based Upon Menu Offerings and Existing Assets
  • Efficient Foodservice Area for Productive Work Flow

While Perky’s Pizza does not provide financing, we do refer customers to Blue Star Funding.  Please see their website and contact information for additional details.

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