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Our 34th Year in Business
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Kitchen Integration Services

Our Kitchen Integration Program specializes in incorporating a compact pizzeria system into existing business operations. Getting the Kitchen Right is CRITICAL to the success of your foodservice operation.

Key Benefits of Good Kitchen Design

Profitability on a daily basis.
  • Planning should be done to accommodate the busiest times and for multi-use in the slowest times
Reduces unnecessary expenses
  • Build-Out, Labor, Ongoing Operations
  • Inexperienced restaurant planning often results in more expense and opening delays
Smooth Workflow and
Service Flow
  • Employee Satisfaction, Increase Kitchen Safety and Reduced Turnover
  • Integration Awareness-
    Compliments Existing Design, Consideration of Sight Lines, Aesthetically Pleasing

The Perky’s Pizza Kitchen Design Difference

  • Expertise A fully functional kitchen design will greatly benefit your productivity. We respect and appreciate the expertise that architects bring to a full building plan, but a professional kitchen layout is a very specific niche.
  • Experience- Perky’s has been designing kitchens for over 20 years. He truly designs a kitchen as if he was going to operate it.
  • Bottom Line- Every Perky’s Pizza Kitchen is specifically customized to your unique workspace; for the primary purpose of maximizing your investment and efficiencies.
  • Speed- The team working on your kitchen diagram/plan is the same team that will implement the plan. We work fast, we work hard and we are nimble, thus eliminating red tape and helping you make money faster.

Perky’s Kitchen Integration Testimonial

“Five years ago when I was designing my kitchen, I declined Perky’s Pizza’s assistance for a kitchen diagram. I thought, how hard can it be? I have an Architect. As it turns out, very hard. My do it yourself kitchen is completely dysfunctional. We struggle daily with the volume and service for our guests. For my upcoming 30,000 sqr. Ft expansion, my first call will be to Perky’s Pizza to remake and remodel our foodservice space, menu and plan.”

Steve Rigby, Owner at Rigby’s Entertainment Complex

Call today to discuss the details of our 5 Step Kitchen Integration Plan! 1-800-473-7597

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