What’s The Best Pizza Oven for Your Business?

Pizza! Everyone has their favorite pizzeria; it brings out the passion in people. Want to start a fun, spirited conversation? Ask someone if they prefer thin, regular, or thick crust, Sweet or Tangy Sauce, Mozzarella or a Blend of Cheese. I doubt you will get past the crust part before the arguing begins! What many people don’t know, is how their beloved pizza is actually cooked. Sure you can sit down and see the “Brick Oven” in a beautiful open kitchen setting, or have it delivered to your table. But how was it actually cooked? Gas? Wood? Electric? Or worst case scenario, a closed cavity piece of equipment. Likewise for many of your favorite finger foods.

Nearly all our customers ask us for our expert opinion on the best way to cook pizza and some popular finger foods, quickly, healthy and economically.

Thanks to the advancement in food service equipment, producing a great tasting pizza is easier and faster than ever, especially a Perky’s Pizza!

In venues from FEC’s, Resorts, Bowling Centers, Water Parks, Zoos, Theaters, and other types of non-traditional locations you have oven choices.

In our professional opinion based on 28 years of experience, here is the Scoreboard for Ovens;

The Best

Ventless Electric Conveyors. Turbo Chef. Nothing better. Period. We highly recommend these ovens because they satisfy the key decision points of through put capacity, reduced labor, and direct air for maximum flavor profile. Add in the compact footprint and stacking ability, and you have a super-efficient, oven choice.

Traditional Conveyor Ovens

Electric Conveyor Ovens have been around a long time. Many traditional conveyor ovens will do an excellent job of cooking pizza and finger foods. The major issue here is that these ovens typically get snared in the regulations surrounding grease laden vapors.  Since each City, County, and State regulates the kitchen area differently, it makes it very difficult to specify this type of oven, unless you decide to put in a Hood System.

Closed Cavity Ovens

There are many Closed Cavity Oven options available, but they doom you to low volume. Since these convection like ovens rely on circulating air, internal temperatures take longer to achieve, thus leading to longer cooking times.

This option simply cannot keep up with a busy location.