October is National Pizza Month!

National Pizza Month

October is National Pizza Month!  Pizza is the perfect food to enjoy with friends and family!  It’s a food that is made to eat with others and because of this, it is perfect for group events or celebrations.  It’s a food that brings delight and excitement to events and outings.  So, if you own a Family Entertainment Center, then focus on bringing that delight and excitement for your patrons to your establishment during the month of October.

What makes pizza a great option for your guests?  People love pizza!

  • 93% of Americans eat at least one piece of pizza per month
  • 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second
  • 5 billion pizzas are sold world wide each year

Below are some suggestions on how you can promote National Pizza Month in your Entertainment Center establishment.

  • Bowl a perfect game and get a free pizza
  • Buy one pizza and get the second one half off
  • Offer family packages that include pizza
  • Promote family fun nights and offer pizza discounts
  • Offer special packages for birthday parties and team building events that include pizza
  • If you survive a round of laser tag without getting tagged once, then you get a free slice of pizza
  • Set up a station to let patrons make their own pizza
  • Have a raffle where the winner wins a pizza party
  • If you get 5 hole-in-ones, you get a free slice of pizza

If your Family Entertainment Center doesn’t offer pizza, then it’s definitely something you should consider.  It’s economical, easy, and everyone loves pizza! Lengthen your patron visit and overall enjoyment with Perky’s Pizza.  Perky’s Pizza has been providing establishments with great quality pizzas for over 26 years.  Perky’s offers quality products and flexible programs to fit many different needs.

Pizza is a great way to bring in both new and returning patrons – so celebrate National Pizza Month!  It provides many extra options to tie in with promotional offerings and combos across your entertainment facility.  If you are looking for a way to incorporate pizza into your Family Entertainment Center, then contact Perky’s Pizza today for more information!