Foodservice and Pizza in Amusement Parks

While there is much discussion about how quickly food and beverage sales are coming back at amusement parks practically everyone agrees that pizza is a must have menu item in any amusement facility.

With slow increases in attendance and recovering sales it is critical to offer a menu items that have a wide appeal to different age groups. Pizza is of course the perfect fit because it can be vegetarian, have meat toppings, work for toddlers, their parents, grandparents and everyone in between.

Citing the article from March 24, 2012 in 80% of amusement park visitors attend in groups of 3 or more people. For convenience sake what food is easier to feed a group of people than pizza?

With regards to quality, you are always better with a quality product that your guests will remember. It is obvious that if you offer food that customers really enjoy rather than just settle for your customers will buy more. The foodservice goal in this kind of venue is really to offer good food that generates goodwill and sales, making it an integral part of the overall customer experience. Pizza should be a source of pride and quality for your venue. From an operators perspective it should be quick and consistent to prepare, which is not difficult with our proven pizza system over the last 25 years. In order to appeal to your broadest range of customers it should be a flexible, quality product. Perky’s Pizza fits this bill perfectly for amusement venues.