Foodservice in Amusement Parks – It’s Big Business

Regardless the size of your amusement park or family entertainment center, foodservice can enhance profits for your business.  According to the report, “Amusement Park Foodservice Trends in the U.S.,” U.S. amusement parks’ foodservice revenues were projected to reach $2.9 billion.  Not a bad way to improve your overall revenue. Regional parks and family entertainment centers are seeing more traffic and opportunities to engage with guests.  Adding a quality pizza offering is a great way to enhance your profits!  After all, people are wild about pizza.

80% of amusement park visitors attend in groups of 3 or more people. For convenience sake what food is easier to feed a group of people than pizza?

With regards to quality, you are always better off with a quality product that your guests will remember. The foodservice goal in this kind of venue is really to offer good food that generates goodwill and sales, making it an integral part of the overall customer experience. Pizza should be a source of pride and quality for your venue. From an operators perspective it should be quick and consistent to prepare, which is not difficult with our proven pizza system over the last 25 years. In order to appeal to your broadest range of customers it should be a flexible, quality product. Perky’s Pizza fits this bill perfectly for amusement venues.

If you are seriously considering adding foodservice to your operation, we encourage you to contact us today to book your FREE, 30-minute consultation at the IAAPA Attractions Expo with Perky’s Pizza Executive Chef Bill Sweet.  Just call our corporate office today at 800-473-7597.  When you get to the show, be sure you bring the following to make the most of your time with Bill:

  • If you have an existing location, bring your menu and current layout for review.
  • If you are re-modeling, bring your design plans and menu.
  • If you are building a location, bring your design plans and menu ideas.
  • Most of all, bring your ideas, dreams and thoughts.
  • In return, you will get experienced, real-world feedback.